Become a Member.

Members help choose the charitable causes we support.

Membership Details
Each person who contributes at least $150 per year is considered a “Member” of the Foundation.
The Membership year is from Oct. 1st to Sept. 30th of the following year.
Couples/families must contribute at least $150 for both/all to be Members, but they vote as one person.
All contributions are tax deductible as charitable contributions (HFF’s Tax ID number is 81-2697458).
At least once per quarter, Members get together to vote on where to grant/donate their pooled funds.
Each Member can submit one charity per event for grant consideration and each Member gets one vote.
At least two grants are awarded at each event, and the amounts depend on total fundraising/Membership for the year.
Get-together events are held at local restaurants, tasty-beverage establishments and Members’ homes.
Grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organizations (local and national).
Academic scholarships are also awarded to local graduating high school seniors.
Members may use the grant money to buy items needed by the recipient charity and then donate the goods in person.
Financial accounts and records are 100% transparent to all Members at any time.